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Gothic Tease

I love to tease you guys with sexy outfits and cute little videos.  In this video I had on a black fishnet shirt and a black thong.  My pretty black nails felt so good running up and down my milky white thighs.  I rubbed my pretty pussy through my panties for the camera.  I even broke out a little bullet vibrator to tease my slit with.  Those black lace panties got soaked.  I couldn’t let my toy stay dirty, so I turned over and licked it clean with my tongue.  If you want to see the rest of my self-gratification session, it’s over at Nikkis Playmates.

Sexy Secretary

I love roleplaying, and you never know where it will end up.  This time I was a sexy secretary.  I had on the cutest outfit for it too, but I “accidentally” spilled some water on it.  Then I spilled a little more.  Since you could see right through it, there was no sense keeping the shirt on, so I took it off.  My bra got wet too, so that had to go.  Then I decided to see if my pussy was wetter than I got my top.  Watch me up the office sperm production and raise head count all in one day.  You can see the whole sexy video at Nikkis Playmates.

Such A Tease

You know I love to tease you right?  It’s ok, you like being teased.  Click play on the little video sample I made for you and let your imagination run wild.  I start off with some whipped cream, spraying it right on my tongue and rolling it around in my mouth.  I love the creamy sweetness.  Then I peeled a nice long banana and worked it over with my tongue and lips before sliding it down my throat.  I even put some whipped cream on the wet, sticky fruit and licked it off really slowly.  Do you know how excited that made me?  Well, I show you in the rest of the video.  It can be found on Nikkis Playmates.

Hot and Cold

There’s nothing like some backyard fun, especially with a sexy young thing and a hot tub.  My hot tub was one of the best things I ever got, and I use it all the time.  Watch me slip into the water in my bikini and turn on the strong, pulsing jets.  I love how they make my body feel, especially when I aim one of those jets toward strategic areas of my body.  They can make any sensitive part just tingle with excitement.  I got so hot that I had to climb out and rinse off with cold water from the garden hose.  Don’t worry, I got right back in and steamed up the whole backyard.  If you want to have some steamy fun with me, I put the rest of these photos on my website at Nikkis Playmates.


I always wanted to try exotic dance.  Since I don’t work in a club, I thought you guys should get to see my first dance.  The boots really make the look, and it made me feel so hot to dance around that pole.  I know you want to see the rest at Nikkis Playmates !

Fishnet Fantasies

I love the combination of fishnet and red in these photos.  It makes me feel so sexy, and I know you want to see me being really sexy.  These teaser photos are just a small look at the full set, so go on over to Nikkis Playmates to see the rest.